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The nicest present I have received from my parents was the opportunity to have piano lessons as young as the age of seven.

At an early stage I came in contact with Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann, even Bartok and Hindemith.
My teacher, Horst Weiss, paved the way for a deeper understanding of music, gave me a solid base for technique and interpretation, made me take part in youth competitions from which I proudly returned with awards and also prepared me for qualifying at the conservatoire in Stuttgart.
At the age of eleven I learned how to play the traverse flute which came very naturally to me. Interpreting chamber music and being in an orchestra of wind instruments made me appreciate the feeling of making music together with others - which proved to be very essential in my later life.

In grammar school my talent in singing was discovered. I was invited to participate in many concerts and came in touch with what is called the “boards, that mean the world”.
However the strongest call for singing came when I joined the church choir at the age of sixteen and realised how much I loved sacred music. Subsequently, the choirmaster, Siegfried Burger, offered me my first solo in Schubert´s Mass in G major. I was in seventh heaven and remember well that my parents could not believe that the voice they were listening to was mine!

My singing has always been shaped by the spirit of Mozart.
My voice loves his music and adores his strength of expression which easily communicates to and involves the listener despite its rigid classical form. I consider him an expert in showing even the finest detail of human relationships through his ingeniously placed notes.
Singing his music is a corrective force for me. If I want to centre my voice after doing Lulu, Medea or even Traviata, I sing Mozart.