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In my final school year, 1987, I joined a pop group called SQUARE performing vocals and keyboards. We were covering the hits back then from Whitney Houston to Pink Floyd. The nights were long and the days short, we had great fun and I earned enough money to finance my studies.
I met Matthias Baumhof, the keyboarder of the group “Boys and Girl” with whom I created a show with hits ranging from “The bat” to “The phantom of the opera”.

We toured as “Lisa&Sasse” and took part in many different presentations and events. I called our program “a journey through the epochs of singing”, appeared in big evening gowns for operetta, on rollerblades for "starlight express", tap danced to “I got rhythm” and crawled on the floor in a cat’s costume to sing “Memories”.

Later, already engaged at the Dusseldorf opera house, I heard somebody playing Jazz on stage during a rehearsal break.
I found our coach Dirk Wedmann grooving on the piano and was again inspired to try something new beyond opera. Dirk taught me how to sing Jazz - as much as it was possible: a critic reckoned: “a little bit of „shubidu“ doesn’t make a Ella Fitzgerald”...of course not! This statement didn’t prevent me from inventing a crossover evening that bridged classical music and jazz.